Style 351: Summer Shots !

23 Mayıs 2018 Çarşamba

Bodysuit:Tachinni - Alexa Bodysuit - FAT PACK ||Whimsical|| NEW!!!

Heel:[Enchante'] - Celine Shoes - FATPACK HUD ||Cosmopolitan||NEW!!!

TaTToo:[ATI] Sean  ||TMDE||NEW!!!

Hair:Opale . Chase Hair  ||Tres Chic||NEW!!!


Background:Cherry House-Small house||Whimsical||NEW!!!

Launger:Sequel - Vibe Lounger - Cream||Whimsical||NEW!!!

Candle:*HEXtraordinary* Hanging Lantern Branches||Whimsical||NEW!!!

Bag:Sway's [Lanai] Beach Bag RARE||Whimsical||NEW!!!

Pose:[La Baguette] Caprice poses 1 to 10 w/&w/o breathing


Style 350:Street Fashion ♥

22 Mayıs 2018 Salı

Top:BETRAYAL. Lori Outfit Fatpack ||ShinySabby|| NEW!!!

Short:BETRAYAL. Lori Outfit Fatpack ||ShinySabby||NEW!!!

Heel:: CULT : MAJA FLAT SANDALS w.HUD ||Fameshed||NEW!!!

Bag:HXNOR: HXPEbeast CollectionNEW!!!

TaTToo:[ATI] Chloe (Applique)NEW!!!

Bunny:~MR~Funny Bunny~ White Love ||ShinySabby||NEW!!!

Hair:{Limerence} Afina hair-Fatpack ||ShinySabby||NEW!!!

Pose:Belle Pose NYX ||Whimsical||NEW!!!

Background:Myrrine  -greenhouse |Whimsical||NEW!!!

Style 349: Lona ♥

21 Mayıs 2018 Pazartesi

Skin:Insol: Lona /Milk Tone'#BirthMarks  A-Gacha [FATPACK]  

||Kustom9|| NEW!!!

Eyes:.euphoric ~ Leila ~[Catwa]Fullpack ||Whimsical|| NEW!!!

EyeLiner:.euphoric ~ Leila Makeup  ~

[Catwa]Fullpack ||Whimsical|| NEW!!!

Hair:-FABIA- Mesh Hair   < Alisa> Fat Pack||Whimsical|| NEW!!!

Face Wrap:[Cubic Cherry]  Beads face wrap ||Whimsical|| NEW!!!

Style 348: Live Street ♥

20 Mayıs 2018 Pazar

Top:- Safira - Ainara ||PocketGacha||NEW!!!

Skirt:- Safira - Ainara ||PocketGacha||NEW!!!

Shoe:[Enchante'] - Lilou Boots - FATPACK HUD ||Cosmopolitan|| NEW!!!

Hair:[RA] Babsy Hair - Fatpack  NEW!!!

Necklace:MICHAN - Fleur Necklace || Whimsical|| NEW!!!

Puppies:{YD}Bulldog Puppies || Whimsical||NEW!!!

Background:VARONIS  - Nakano Back Alley || Equal 10|| NEW!!!

Pose:KZ poses - Lazy - Female pose - Bento NEW!!!

Style 347: Magazine ♥ Vol 1

19 Mayıs 2018 Cumartesi

Dress:* Vanilla Bae * Orelia Dress

Boot:[BREATHE]-Midori Heels-FATPACK-FULL SET ||pocketGacha|| NEW!!!

Hair:[^.^Ayashi^.^] Nekoya hair-Fatpack ||ROMP || NEW!!!

Pose: Westside Stand Collection 

Background: Varonis - Noir 

Style 346:Ciara ♥ ♥

17 Mayıs 2018 Perşembe

Head: Catwa Head Catya

Skin:Lefort by Revoul.Ciara Catwa / Tone 2 NEW!!!

Shape:Lefort by Revoul.Ciara Catwa Shape NEW!!!

Eyes:A R T E - Infinity Eyes ||Fantasy Collective || NEW!!!

Nail:alme. Spring Gacha  || The Gacha Garden || NEW!!!

Rings:... SpotCat ... Tender Rose - Bento rings 

Collar:#187# Eleck Collar  - ||Fantasy Collective || NEW!!!

Hair:{Limerence) Adele hair-Fatpack ||ROMP|| NEW!!!

Style 345: Ciara ♥

16 Mayıs 2018 Çarşamba

Dress:mogul: jez dress - venom / Fatpack ||Equal10|| NEW!!!

Hair:[RA] Samatha Hair - Fatpack  ||FaMeshed|| NEW!!!

Skin:Lefort by Revoul.Ciara Catwa /Tone2 / DELUXE  NEW!!!

Shape:Lefort by Revoul.Ciara Shape! NEW!!!

Background: VARONIS- Nakano Back Alley [End Part] ||Equal10|| NEW!!!

Pose: Imitation - Sabi